Thursday, November 17, 2011

15 days that make me grow

how's everyone?
hopefully all of you are doing well
no matter is in career or study
or doing nothing at home :P

finally after 15days
i have time to sit at my chair
update a little bit of my recent life

for the past 15days
i have gone through ups and downs
the only sentence that can express
my feeling is that i gain precious
experience and knowledge that
none of my university or any society club
can able to teach me

i join a great company
with a bunch of excellent non-selfish
colleagues as a corporate sales executive
for this past 15days
i have known how difficult is a sales person
going to earn their hard-earn money
every month
hitting their target
to make sure they can get
what they want
and eventually survive
in this realistic society

from today onward
i won't look down on sales person
no matter they are doing credit card
sales or even a sales man who
sell pirated cds from 1 shop to another
because i understand this is
the way they earn their living expenses
every month

for my closed friends
all of you all should properly know
that i can achieve everything
but i am not mentally strong
hence in the end
i break down in front of my
manager and boss
for the sake of being
not able to cope with
the stress

apart from the sad part
i actually have a happy
working environment
every single day
from knowing no one
till i know every single
person no matter
through working or badminton
section or makan or gathering
all of these moments i will
treasure in my heart

right now i am laughing
when writing this because
suddenly think of the time
i was suspended working
as a insurance agent
or other sales agent like
amway etc
just for the reason i can
talk and present well
a lot of colleagues do
not believe that i do
not do sales before
*evil grin
i should be proud of myself
for being recognize regarding
my ability to talk :P

anyway i would like to
express my greatest gratitude
towards my manager, my
branch manager and my regional
sales manager for trusting me
and did not kick me out of office
when i pass my letter
but in the other way round
they accept in a very kind way
and even willing to be my
reference in my resume
that's the thing i feel touch a lot
never contribute anything
but yet people appreciate you
maybe due to good attitude
and hardworking that people
will recognize you as a good person

never forget again
i thanks profusely to my
branch manager who treats
me like her own son
sayang me like a kid
trying her best to
teach me to be a better person
another person will be
my manager who i truly
treat as my idol from the day
i work with him
a guy that can get promoted
to assistant sales manager
within 4 months
and after working two years
he can get two houses and a car
plus a pretty wife no need to work
yet he still can survive
and he is just 26 years old

no offence to anyone
i seriously hate those people
that eat books
everyday like nerd
please prove that by eating books
everyday you can have
this achieve
than i apologize and delete
my comment
a great person from my definition
should have a balance in term
of studying/working+sport+entertainment+health
not just purely study or work non-stop like
no body business
"study smart but not study hard;
work smart but not work hard"
of course i do not mean to ask you
play everyday and never put efforts
in study or work, only depend on short cut
there is no short cut in life
don't expect you can go genting
and win every game and you no need work
this is just a same example like money
dropping from the sky
you have to concentrate and put efforts
as well to success

i still remember the last words for me was
"i won't blame you, go do something you like and happy doing with it..
I want you to be a great dj ok!"
T.T thanks i will do my best in my future career
and everything i do so that i can have achievement
like what you having now.

before i end
just want to say sorry again
for everything
what i can do now is
try to recruit potential
employee for you
so that your new company will
succeed :)

*so anyone who interest to do sales in telco industry, doing cold calling can contact me
just make sure you really interested only contact me :) dun worry about ur salary..
if you like this job, earning 5 figures is not a problem xD

my dream to get a gti is getting further d :(
sigh goodnite

Sunday, June 5, 2011


time to clear dust over here...
time flies
out of a sudden, everyone of us has been busying
for each internship's life
early morning wake up, at night early go to bed
no more activity
no more gaming till midnight
only work work and work
friday and saturday will be ur best two days
miss study life :)

little update for my pass holiday last week..
finally my brother is married with his wife
and managed to hold his wedding successfully
i only have 1 brother and of course i will give my best
efforts to help him during his wedding..
so in the end the dinner is great, environment is awesome
as well..

little info about my brother :)
he's someone that totally different with me
in term characteristics
he's a quiet guy, satisfied with his simple life as
an engineer, very less entertainment =_=
a guy with no drink, no smoke, no gamble (do not enter casino before ==)
and of course a loyal husband for his wife
i guess is his first love with his wife, and in a relationship
with his wife and finally get into wedding after 8-9 years of
being together..even so long they have be together until
after they marry, they still look like couple who just starts
till it's a miracle to see this kind of sweet
couple since today, this society, the people are totally different
i told to this to one of my friends last night during dinner,
she just said "this kind of guy has already extincted from this world"
but there's one left, that is my brother :)

besides, the dinner is awesome too!
catch up with all the kakis before
all of us depart to intern life
and most important i finally
take my 1st picture with my two
most beloved persons - my mama and uncle :)

she's the only person in this world that i will
call mama ;)
she's the only person in this world that i will
cry when i think about her
she's the only person in this world that i will
treasure for life no matter how the world changes
she's the only person in this world that make
me feel like i live in a family

words can't express my emotion and feelings
if given a chance, i will rather sacrifice everything
here's the picture of my brother and his wife
last but not least, i wish u two happy always :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

night time story

it's been awhile since my last update..
how is everybody?
hopefully everyone is doing fine..

recently can't sleep early
don't know why..
honestly i have been distracted by some words
or statement from a good friend
it makes me feel like i am so noob
although i memang noob all the while
haha but i think is time for me to awake
and try to be more..err..can't say it out..
feel like i just surrounding by a bunch of pro kakis
sigh..make me even worse...fml
maybe there's a lot for me to learn in the future
haha..sorry i just don't want to be a good guy xD

oh ya..addicted to californication this drama right now..
the actor is nothing non familiar like xfile actor
David Duchovny and oso star by Dr.EVIL from austin power
that little cute guy..he's still so funny like in austin power xD
the story is about a life of a writter..of course there is something
attractive in that drama =P watch it if u are interested hehe

by the way
just wanna shout out to those useless brainless people
please understand story from both parties before you
comment any piece of shit from your mind
this is people's business and nothing related to you
just don't act like you a very pro in this kind of situation
and try to show off
you are close to whoever or support whoever
mind your own ass 1st before you react any stupid move
just fucking annoyed by those people..
luckily this is not any of my frens
so don't worry i am not pointing to any of my frens
i state this out because i faced it myself once with
this kind of people and recently i noticed another
similar characteristic person appear in this world
more of ppl like dis exist, end of the war is faster..
fuck off plz for the sake of the world!!!

quite interested back in night life again
since the last stop was last year oct
the music, the crowd, the drinks are still so awesome
i'm still in love with it =)
especially goldfish..he's just amazing..
been listen to his music since 2 years ago
everytime i look at him, how i wish i am one of them
rolling the dj plate and enjoy watching
all the people there get excited by your own music
will i have the chance to do so?maybe one day in future?
one of my frens have responsed with
"i will definitely be your fans if you have goldfish's standard!"
== ok if i have the opportunity i will try :)

Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy CNY and Good luck for exam








Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas :) :) :)

Merry xmas every1!!!
wishing you all have a wonderful xmas :)
a little update once i came back from sp
went to melacca to celebrate jorjor b'day
tag along ah leng oso xD
wishing him have wonderful days over there with us :)
the DIFFERENCE is so obvious rite compare
between them to...u know what am i talking about
haha by the way
learn about chio bull stuff HAHA

and i gained another collection hehe..
here is the 1 - absolute vodka with mango flavour

finally after 4days of non-stop midterms
which were my last midterms in mmu
we finally completed them with dog's life
for these few days..
although i did it badly for most of them :(
, still life moves on :)

xmas eve and during xmas
celebrated with bunch of buddies
craft brew a nice place for dinning and beer
oh ya for those DOGs
there are beers entitled DOG available for u all xD

during xmas that day
went to new shopping complex in subang
which is Empire shopping complex
though is small but u can find a lot of famous restaurant
a good place to hang out as well :)
some random pic i captured inside the complex

finally an activity which i 1st time tried continuos two days
xmas eve in al-safa
xmas is in jalan damai
a special place that i nvr noe the existent of those
places until i went there just now..
located in jalan damai near klcc
the environment there is not bad
modified a banglo to become business place
just like going to an open house
but the toilet is horrible ==

finally get myself some last catch up before year end sales end
:) no onitsuka tiger this year
but i change to these two things

have a wonderful day every1
shall go to sleep soon as tomorrow
another overnight gathering in Puchong lakeside
awaiting for me!!!!!
shall c all of u soon
hopefully is fun and entertaining xD
good nite everyone and happy merry xmas :):):)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dogs' house

Here by to update again!!!
currently in sp now..
but going back on friday morning.
burden with tons of assignments and exams :(
so decided to update my blog to release stress
(actually no study at all in mood at all T.T)

finally we located a dogs' house in seri kembangan
here are the owners:

1)BIG DOG - blue color shirt guy

2)SMALL DOG - the only guy inside the pic

3)MEDIUM DOG?? not so sure xD

HAHA both of the 3 owners stay together
can classify as zoo as well..
but they say if we keep on visiting this zoo
need to pay entrance fees to them ==

on the day before we departed back to sp
we gathered at dogs' house
out of a sudden
got an idea to update my blog
so took out my noob hand phone camera and took some :)

another dog here - DOuGlas who like to BITE BANANA and drink juice

the only two CHIO BUs in their house

of course this sleeping queen who can sleep anywhere anytime ==''
(u haven't met my mum yet "part time gf" HAHA)

the final pic
my new so-called-pet
should name it as XIAO AI
1week ago suddenly feel like getting a pet
but all those animal shit i lazy to handle
hence get a plant and maybe when i emo
i will talk to her xD (sound crazy)

oh ya from the 1st picture i miss out eujinn
he looks like sei gay lou xD who recently like to talk in china slang!

coming home is not a bad thing
at least to have some proper rest and home cook food
happy holiday everyone :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jorjor and Chee~~~

as my promise
i decide to update my blog for
consisting of Jordan Eng and Chee xD!!!

2 weeks ago i went to melacca to pay a visit to
all my besties over there..
it was an interesting trip and we all enjoyed a lot
with all foods..
special to thanks to jordan for providing
transport and accommodation..
jordan's mum still looks young and pretty like always :)
really appreciate how he and his mum took care
of me when i was sicked during foundation :)

so i decided to snap and give this couple
a wonderful pre-wedding memories xD
without wasting, let's enjoy the pictures
although they are not in good quality ( no DSLR :( anyone wan sponsor me?)

what was happening during that moment??
i do not want to describe
let's imagination takes place xD!!!
wish you two
sweet sweet forever ya!!!!